Sober Things to Do in Thailand

Sober Things to Do in Thailand

Visiting Thailand in Recovery

Thailand can be a wonderful vacation spot for people who are looking for a sober holiday. There are plenty of things to do that do not involve alcohol, and people who are in recovery will not need to feel that they are missing out on anything. If people are still in the early days of their recovery they might better avoiding those tourist areas of Thailand where there is a focus on drinking – places like Pattaya and Patong in Phuket. In recent years even those places that have a reputation for hard partying now offer an increasing number of sober activities. This is because the tourist industry in Thailand is working hard to encourage families to visit these places.

Drinking Culture in Thailand

Visitors to Thailand can easily get the impression that there is strong drinking culture where drunkenness is acceptable. This impression is understandable because most people spend their time in the tourist areas where people can be found partying at all hours of the day and night. In fact public displays of drunkenness are frowned upon in Thai society the dangers of alcohol abuse are well known. Visitors who travel away from the main tourists areas will find that alcohol plays a far less significant role in Thai life.

Drugs in Thailand

Anyone who uses illegal drugs in Thailand is taking a risk. If they are caught it may mean a long prison sentence. In recent years there has been a tough crackdown on recreational drug use and it is not worth even considering. Even drugs that might be considered soft in other countries (example cannabis) can lead to harsh punishments in Thailand.

Good Reasons for Choosing a Sober Holiday in Thailand

Just because visitors choose to spend their trip to Thailand sober does not mean that they have ever had a problem with alcohol. There are some good reasons to choose a drink free holiday including:

* When people drink too much on a holiday they will tend to end up with hangovers. This means that the individual can spent an excessive amount of time feeling ill and not wanting to do anything.
* There are many people who just find it boring to spend too much time in bars. There are just too many more interesting things to do in Thailand.
* The majority of mishaps that foreigners experience during a trip to Thailand will occur when they are under the influence of alcohol. By staying sober the individual will be decreasing their likelihood of experiencing such mishaps.
* Those who are visiting Thailand with young children might not have much time for bars or drinking.

Sober Things to Do in Thailand

The list of sober things that people can do in Thailand would be endless but here are some of the most popular options:

* Thailand is home to some of the most respected meditation masters on the planet, and it is possible to attend retreats in most parts of the country. Spending time at a mediation retreat is a hugely rewarding activity that will ensure that the holiday is memorable.
* Anyone who is interested in martial arts will find that Thailand has a great deal to offer them. The national sport is Muay Thai and people will be able to learn this fighting system during their stay – this is an option open to people of almost any age.
* There are many places to visit during a trip to Thailand. Those individuals who are not dealing with hangovers should be able to fit far more into their itinerary.
* One of the best ways to gain an improved understanding of the Thai people and their culture is to learn the local language. There are many schools and private tutors who can help visitors learn the basics of the language.
* Another thing worth learning during a trip to Thailand is how to cook the local food. This means that even when people return to their home country they will still be able to enjoy real Thai cuisine and impress their friends and family.
* Beach lovers will find that almost every conceivable water sport is catered for in Thailand. Those who just want to lie on the beach all day will also find plenty of places where they can do this.
* Thailand is a good option for people who want to try scuba diving for the first time. There are also courses trips available for those who already have a bit of experience.
* Thai massage is said to have many health benefits. Not only is it possible to experience Nuad Thai but it is also possible to learn it too.
* Culture buffs will also have plenty of options during a trip to Thailand. All the main towns and cities will have museums and other cultural venues.

Recovery Resources in Thailand

There are a number of recovery resources available for visitors to Thailand. These can be of help to recovering alcoholics who need support during their holiday or who feel at risk of relapse. The Thai recovery resources include:

* AA Thailand has meetings in different parts of the country including Pattaya, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Korat, and Udon Thani.
* Drug and Alcohol Rehab Asia (DARA) is one of the top facilities of its kind in Asia. It offers a world class professional and private service for people who are ready to escape their addiction.