A 12 Step Alternative

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Rehabilitation Made Simple

In the USA, more than 90% of treatment is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) based. AA is free, and disease model of addiction is widespread in many instances. But popular does not necessarily mean best. If you have little money, then the 12 step program offers a free resource, and I am glad that it is there. In the UK, the National Health Service now sends drug addicts and alcoholics for treatment using CBT, a brief solution focused therapy, as it is seen as a more pragmatic and effective solution.

In Southeast Asia, there is only one CBT Program available for drug and alcohol rehab.

We offer an alternative to the 12 steps program (Alcoholics Anonymous model). If you do not want the label of alcoholic or the burden of “a lifetime’s illness,” then our Cognitive Behavioral Residential Program could be just the type of program you are looking for.

We work on the following principles:

* Addiction is not a disease
* No one has to admit they are ‘powerless’ – factually one is fully responsible for their own condition
* Drug and alcohol abusers lack the skills and abilities to end their abuse, skills they can develop with us
* One can, and should, end their dependency to drugs / alcohol through their own efforts (we provide the support and teach the skills for doing this)
* The person themselves are responsible for their situation and, therefore, their recovery
* Participation in the process of gaining greater control, responsibility and knowledge of their lives will assist their own recovery
* Drug / alcohol abuse is just one of the issues to deal with at drug and alcohol rehab; factually, drinking and drug use is not the root of the problem; it’s a symptom
* Recovering is not recovered
* Lastly, addiction, like a bad headache or heartache, has an ending

Our CBT Programme deals with root issues, not symptoms of these issues (like alcohol abuse). Properly, one can’t address these root issues while on drugs or alcohol, so we offer detoxification at the start of the program. The very corner stone of improvement and greater ability is self control and accountability. With these corner stones in place, our recovery program has a foundation. Therefore, our program will help you build up skills, natural health, abilities and confidence in yourself.
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Can you gain self control and accountability without some help, or specifically from a CBT Program? If there have been many private and public attempts to regain control of oneself and there have been failures, look at the writing on the wall. If one can’t or won’t change, getting help is recommended as things are out of control.

Help can be initiated by oneself or by the family/friends of the alcohol/drug abuser. This means one can ask for help. Look closely at the different options as your recovery will be dependent on which method of rehabilitation you participate in. If the rehab method doesn’t meet with your agreement and understanding, do you think you’ll participate in it? Your participation is required and expected in your recovery.
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We are one alternative to the 12 Step approach that achieves excellent success rates. Our Program is based on becoming powerful again without alcohol. Do not think that this is an easy option, though. You will work hard on your physical and emotional health. But we start from the moment you stop drinking or taking drugs by acknowledging you as a former user. And every day you continue takes you one day further away from your addiction.

There are no magic wands with CBT. We open doors for you but you have to walk through them. You can no longer justify your behavior by saying that it is a disease and you are ill. You take full responsibility for your situation; but you also take full responsibility for your recovery. And that gives you power and control.
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If this sounds like good common sense, we may be the facility you have been looking for. Once you arrive in Thailand, we will take care of your needs, from picking you up at the airport to getting you back to the airport at the end of your program. You will be expected to work hard with a combination of 1:1 therapy, group work and physical training with a personal trainer. It’s not all hard work. We have a movie room to relax in, as well as a range of facilities that would put some health spas to shame. Additionally, we have weekend excursions exploring the beautiful tropical island we’re located on.

For more information about our alternative to the 12 Steps, give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you:

International +66 8 7140 7788; UK +44 808 168 7072; USA +1 855 3000 594

Or e-mail us info@alcoholrehab.com

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