Our programs for drug and alcohol rehab services are all-inclusive and cover almost everything from the moment you step out of the airport until your departure.

* Private pick up at the Trat airport for your alcohol and drug rehabilitation services
* A 24-hour stay at Bangkok Hospital-Trat for a full medical assessment and observation
* All therapy, treatments, personal training, massage, etc.
* All meals
* Your laundry is done daily
* Your private villa is cleaned for you daily
* Weekly excursions are paid for, including meals out, entrance fees & transportation, etc.
* Private transfer to the Trat airport on completion of your program

Not included
* Airfare or transportation to Bangkok from your home, and from Bangkok to your home
* Cigarettes, Souvenirs
* International phone calls
* Travel medical insurance

Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding our current fees.

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Accompanied flights may be available if needed; please call or email to discuss.

We can also arrange assisted interventions on a case by case basis.

Please be sure when comparing drug rehab treatment facilities to look at everything that is in included; and also, everything that is not included, like private rooms, number of hours of therapy. You will find many facilities with lower rates than ours, but you will not find any that offer the intensive program or quality of accommodation that Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia does for the same rates. Also, when you add up the “extras” that some less expensive facilities charge, you will generally still find we are more reasonable.

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