Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Australia

Alcohol Problems and Alcoholism in Australia

My name is Australia and I’m an alcoholic is the title of a recent opinion article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Australia is a great country, and has much to offer its people and the world. Just like all countries—including the great ones—it has its problems: the culture of drinking, to name a big one. The most recent data from the Australian government indicate that the total quantity of pure alcohol available for consumption annually was 178.4 million litres. These factors certainly lead to alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction reducing quality of life at individual, family, and societal levels.

Alcohol Rehab for Australia to Help Those Suffering from Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

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If you have a problem of alcohol abuse or if you are an alcoholic (one who suffers from alcoholism), one of the many reasons for coming to Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia in Thailand is to get away from an association of your home environment (including Australia’s culture of high alcohol consumption) to work on your recovery and be further away from common triggers that prompt you to drink or use drugs.

Medical Tourism Benefits

Other great reasons for attending Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia in Thailand are:
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* Our primary focus is alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence (alcoholism)
* Medical detoxification: If detox is needed, you will detox at Bangkok Hospital-Trat. However, you will be responsible for the fees directly to the hospital if you need more than a 24-hour stay at the hospital.
* For some, being discreet regarding where you’re going when going to rehab is important. Thailand is a major tourist destination, and that’s all anyone needs to know—as you decide.
* Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is simply unique and exceptional in its luxurious setting, facilities, and therapy program.
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* We treat the whole person, focusing on the individual, not simply the addiction. With us, while you’ll not only learn to change your addictive thinking and behavior based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you’ll concurrently have a renewal of mind, body, and spirit through fun exercise, nutritious and delicious meals, meditation, breath regulation, relaxation, and massage.
* Upon returning home, you’ll have an aftercare program in place to help you through that early, crucial time in your recovery.

Australia to Bangkok, Thailand

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Non-stop flights from Australia to Bangkok take about nine hours. There are a number of airlines operating between the various Australian airports and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK), e.g., Emirates, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Qantas, and British Airways.

If you or a loved one is in need of the very best in drug and alcohol rehab services, Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia can help. Call us at +66 8 7140 7788, or email us at info@alcoholrehab.com.

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