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Alcohol consumption in Queensland is a serious problem. According to a report by the Queensland Government, drinking behaviours in Queensland are among the riskiest in Australia. This includes an increase in binge drinking among young people, aged 14-24. Queensland’s problem of alcohol consumption is also discussed in an article in the Courier-Mail: Queensland’s Serious Alcohol Problem Revealed. The article goes on to tell about two separate incidences of drunken driving involving two professional persons known to the Queensland community. A University of Queensland public health policy professor is also quoted in the article, who states:

It is time to admit that Queensland has a “chronic” alcohol problem….The main problem is high social tolerance of intoxication. We just don’t seem to think there’s anything to worry about with people getting drunk on a fairly regular basis.

Socially tolerated or not, heavy drinking takes it toll on the individual who’s drinking, his loved ones, and the community as a whole. While social tolerance can certainly influence levels of alcohol consumption, at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to take responsibility for his abuse of alcohol (or for any substance abuse) and to get help. Ultimately, he must protect himself from the health hazards, the job loss, the income loss, legal repercussions, etc. He must protect others from his alcohol abuse— the broken marriage and other relationships, drunken driving, mishaps at work, etc. He must ultimately make that decision to get help. Access to top quality drug and alcohol services is key.

If you or someone you know needs intervention and rehabilitation (including detox, if needed) for alcohol and drug abuse, or for alcoholism (including teenage alcoholism), please explore DARA – Drug and Alcohol Rehab’s website for information about our drug and alcohol rehab. Alcohol abuse, drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction can happen to the best of us. Still, choices need to be made to get help when you need it. As mentioned above, it’s your choice (and responsibility) to protect yourself and others when it comes to you and alcohol and abuse, or the use of a drug and addiction. It’s up to you to change your world, even if the world around you doesn’t change. And, we’re here to help.

Take that step. Check out the drug and alcohol services in your area. However, if you’re looking for a luxury rehabilitation centre like Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia’s, please give us a call and change your world.

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