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The Peer Pressure Of Alcohol And Drug Use

Peer pressure is something everyone should resist. The reality for many is that this is far easier said than done. Here are 2 stages of life when peer pressure relating to alcohol and/or drug use can test a person to the limit: School friends: This relates to boys and girls between their early and mid-teens….

Types Of Rehab Treatment – H to I

Here’s the next manageable overview of different addiction rehabilitation options. A wide choice of treatments awaits those looking to free themselves from personal heartache and the heartbreak their condition is causing those closest to them. Letters H to I. Harm reduction model: A wide range of harmful behaviours are linked to those with substance disorders….

Blood Alcohol Concentration

As a person continues to drink alcohol during a session their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) changes. Here are some points on how BAC levels change during a session and where the dangers lie for those who drink far too heavily. Guidelines only: The information given is as a guideline only because everyone is different. Some…

The Effects And Risks Of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is seen as part and parcel of everyday life for many. It is something that can enhance a social gathering and when taken in moderation should do a person no harm. Many will have felt the effects of one too many. They will also be familiar with common risks linked to heavy drinking,…

Types Of Rehab Treatment – E – G

Continuing with the wide range of rehab treatments available, here are options from E to G. This brief, valuable information will allow a person to understand the different treatments on offer and help them decide which suits them personally. Addiction affects many, but does so in a personal and individual way. What may suit one…