Alcoholism and Associated Health Problems

Learn about alcoholism & associated health problems to the liver, stomach & more. See how a treatment program provides the help needed to achieve sobriety.

Anyone who is seeing the bottom of a glass all too regularly needs to understand the many facets of Alcoholism.

Something you can try and hide:

Those with alcohol dependence work very hard to hide their problem. Many will maintain a routine that appears normal.

Brief examples of this are that they will drink in a variety of different watering holes during their very regular sessions. This is so it appears they are not constantly sitting in one place to drink excessively, and drinking in secret once at home is quite common.

These and other ruses are carefully planned while they hide behind a mechanism that prevents them from seeking help.


This denial is a 2-pronged approach. They continue to convince themselves that the amount they are drinking is nowhere near as serious as it really is, and that they are still in control of their actions.

They will also forcibly dispute with anyone who raises the matter, or any other person who cares to listen that claims of their drinking are grossly exaggerated and should not be entertained.

Denial is the major cause of continued drinking that contributes to the damage an alcoholic is causing themselves and those around them. Until they quit this denial they will not seek help.

Consequences of alcoholism:

The breadth of consequences caused by someone who is dependent upon alcohol ranges wide. We will ignore the hurt, heartache and angst caused to loved ones. This topic deserves a thorough explanation all of its own, but we will choose one that will hopefully hit home.

Personal health:

When drinking alcohol, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. What this means is that it has the reach to affect every single part of your body.


The liver takes the brunt of this alcoholic barrage. While it copes admirably with sensible amounts of alcohol and the odd time a person overdoes things, constant regular drinking will eventually swamp it.

This means it is then unable to break down and get rid of the harmful substances alcohol contains and can lead to serious liver damage that includes cirrhosis.


Stomach problems are common to heavy drinkers. Many will be seen taking digestion tablets of one kind or another. Think excess gas, bloating and ulcers.

Cardiovascular system:

The cardiovascular system is also forced to work overtime to keep the body ticking along and such unnecessary pressure can lead to irregular heartbeat, strokes and heart attacks.

A whole host of other health issues:

Excessive drinking can cause severe damage to the nervous system, sexual dysfunction which can be as severe as impotence for men and infertility issues for women.

It rots teeth and gums with regular mouth infections being common, and painful bowel movements that range from bouts of severe diahorrea to long periods of constipation often become the norm.

Please seek professional help:

We could continue with a list of ailments that will eventually catch up with someone who constantly and regularly drinks to excess, but hopefully the above has given an idea of what lies in store.

If denial is continued and professional help is ignored then a long hospital stay is the best an alcoholic can hope for, the worst is an early grave.