What Is Alcohol Breath?

It is usually easy to tell if somebody has been overdoing it with alcohol. Not only does this drug affect their behavior but there are also plenty of other clues as well. This evidence of overindulgence can last well into the next day and be the source of embarrassment. Drinking alcohol can leave a noticeable smell on the breath. Those who have been drinking heavily can also have a strong odor that is produced by their skin pores. Most people feel uncomfortable if they are carrying around the smell of alcohol on their body. They will use different methods to hide it. In many instances these attempts to disguise the odor will be unsuccessful.

Cause of Alcohol Breath

When people consume alcohol the body treats it like a toxin and attempts to break it down into acetic acid. It only manages to metabolize about 90% of alcohol this way and the rest gets excreted in different ways. Some of it escapes with urine but it is also excreted by sweat and through the respiratory system. The alcohol smell on the breath usually comes directly from the stomach. If somebody belches with a belly full of beer it can create a powerful stench. Certain aromatic drinks such as Tia Maria and Coffee liqueurs are more likely to lead to bad breath and should be avoided.

Alcohol Odor and Alcoholism

If an individual regularly smells of alcohol it could be a sign that they have a drink problem. Some people go through periods of their life when they drink heavily, but they manage to cut down before they develop a physical addiction. Other individuals progress into alcoholism and this means that they have developed a physical as well as psychological compulsion to drink. Such people may go to great lengths to disguise the signs of their drinking, but in a lot of cases they will be unaware that they regularly smell of alcohol. Confronting such people with concerns about their drinking can meet a lot of denial, but it can also encourage them to get help.

Other Causes of Alcohol Breath

If the individual has not been drinking but they still have alcohol breath it could signify an underlying medical condition. Sometimes bad breath could be mistaken as caused by alcohol when in fact it is due to a condition such as diabetes. Dismissing such smells as always being due to alcohol can mean missing significant symptoms of something else.


How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

Smelling of alcohol is not only embarrassing, but it can also cause the individual to appear unprofessional in a work situation. It is probably not possible to completely hide alcohol breath, but there is much that can be done to reduce the risk of detection. There are a number of ways that a person may be able to hide their alcohol breath including:

  • Eating foods that have a strong aroma can be effective because it masks the smell of alcohol with stronger smells. Spicy foods and anything that contains onion or garlic can be effective.
  • One of the most popular ways that people try to hide alcohol breath is by chewing mints or gum. This can be effective at masking the smell of drink temporarily. A person who always smells of mints can raise suspicion though. There is an association between this behavior and alcoholism in popular culture.
  • Good dental hygiene following a night out can reduce the risk of having alcohol breath.
  • There have been a number of mouth freshener products produced specifically for eliminating alcohol breath. These are said to be quite effective. A lot of mouthwashes actually contain alcohol and so are probably best avoided.

How to Prevent Alcohol Breath

Prevention is always going to be better than cure and this is the case with alcohol breath too. The way to prevent alcohol breath is:

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Keep away from aromatic drinks such as liqueurs
  • Try not to mix drinks as these combinations can increase the risk of a noticeable smell
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach
  • How to Hide the Smell of Alcohol from Skin Pores

As some alcohol is excreted by the pores it can mean a noticeable odor is created. There are a number of ways that people can make this smell less noticeable including:

  • A long soapy shower
  •  Putting on fresh clothes
  •  Drinking plenty of water to help flush out the alcohol through the urine

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Getting Help for Alcohol Abuse

If you find yourself unable to stop smelling of alcohol or drinking altogether, even when it’s having negative consequences on your health, work, or relationships, it’s likely time to consider seeking help. The information on AlcoholRehab.com is brought to you by American Addiction Centers, a leading provider of alcoholism treatment. 

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