Private, Discreet Rehab Facility

Private and Discreet

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The benefits of a private rehabilitation center are many. If a center is truly private, such as Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, you can deal with the issues of why you are here in the first place, without the need to worry about whether you are going to lose endorsement deals or contracts because you colleagues or the media heard that you are in rehab.

Will anyone know I am at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia?

Nobody will know you have been to Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia unless you tell them. We do not talk about who our clients are, and we keep a very high level of security, with all staff bound by non-disclosure agreements. Extremely sensitive client data is sealed and kept in a locked safe. Files are destroyed as soon as they legally can be destroyed.

Do I have to disclose my real name at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia?

Absolutely not. If you would prefer to use a pseudonym while at our private drug rehab, let us know. We will even make sure the treatment team dealing with you will not know who you are. However, if you have a famous face, people may recognize you. Our staff operate at a very high ethical standard and will maintain your anonymity, if that is your wish.

Does my family need to know I am at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia?

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Nobody needs to know you are in our private alcohol rehab center. When you first arrive at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we will give you a form to fill out and sign. On that form, you will list the names of the people we are allowed to speak to, and what level of disclosure they are allowed. If you do not list anyone, then we will not confirm or deny if you are with us. Our normal response when someone calls asking for a client is, “I am sorry. Due to confidentiality, we cannot disclose who is at the center; if you would like to leave your name and contact details, I will pass it on to the treatment team. If there is someone by that name at the center, they will be given your message.”

As we have said many times, the foundation of our company is built on client anonymity. We take this very seriously, and will do everything legally in our abilities to be sure nobody knows you are/were here unless you tell them.

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