Professional Rehab

Professional Rehab

Professional Rehab Facilities

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is the perfect place for professionals to recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse. With all private accommodation, WiFi, and no restrictions on mobile phone use (during non-course hours), we have developed a program for executive rehab that can really work for you.
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At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we understand you cannot be completely out of touch from your home or office for four weeks or more. The additional stress that that can cause could seriously jeopardize your opportunity for recovery. The only thing we ask is that you shut your phone off during sessions and meal times. You are free to use it during your free time.

Professional Staff at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

The professional rehabilitation staff at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia consist of counselors, a psychiatric nurse, personal trainers, a meditation and stress management specialist, and massage therapists. All of our counseling staff have English as a first language and are from the USA, the UK, Australia, Ghana, and Turkey. With many years of combined experience, this is the team that can help you. Our professional addiction team has worked with thousands of clients from 17 to 75 and from all walks of life. When you are looking for a place to recover from alcoholism, think of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia as the experts in the field.

Professional Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we offer a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for people experiencing life problems due to drug or alcohol abuse. Our counsellors have considerable amount of experience in the field of addictions.

Designed for Professionals by Professionals

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia does not believe in re-inventing the wheel; however, it can be improved upon. At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we adapt the best treatments in the world to help you recover. We do not believe a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe your treatment program needs to be as unique as you are. To this end, we offer a considerable amount of one to one counseling to help you deal with your issues on substance abuse. No two people are the same, and no two people’s treatment should be the same. That said, there is, of course, going to be similarities; this is also taken into account.

Our drug and alcohol rehab program was designed from the ground up by professionals. We know what works and what does not. We stay up-to-date regarding the latest research in drug and alcohol treatment in order to give our clients the best opportunity for recovery at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia.