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Recovery – A Beautiful Process of Self-Discovery

Recovery – A Beautiful Process of Self-Discovery

Recovery May Be Work, But You Don’t Have To Think About It That Way

Many people give up on the recovery process because they believe it involves too much work. While it is true that recovery does require hard work and dedication, as long as you think of it as work, you may never reap the benefits of the process. You will probably get tired and give up. If, on the other hand, you change the way you think about recovery, you are more likely to stick with it and gain victory over whatever addiction you struggle with.

The truth is, recovery is a beautiful process of self-discovery. It is about getting to know yourself and creating a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. Recovery means you get to peer into your own mind and gain a better understanding of how it works. You learn what makes you tick and gain insight into why you do the things you do. This can be the catalyst for the much-desired changes you want to make in your life. Self-awareness is the first step to personal growth.

Don’t Be Afraid – Step Courageously Into The Deep

The fact is, you have to be with yourself every day – all day long. You are the only person you can never lose or leave. You are stuck with you. Since this is the case, why not do everything in your power to get to know yourself, accept yourself, and learn to love yourself? Aren’t you worth the time and effort required so that you can create a pleasant experience within your own self? Since you have to be with yourself anyway, why not learn to enjoy your own company?

This is what we mean when we say that recovery is a beautiful process of self-discovery. Most people think recovery is simply about remaining abstinent from drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, pornography, shopping, or binge-eating. And, because these addictions give you some temporary pleasure and relief, it can seem like a real bummer when you have to give them up.

The thing is – recovery is all about learning a new way to live. It’s about changing your old ways of thinking and learning new behaviors. Yes, it’s true – you have to give up your addiction in the process. But, this is a good thing. Recovery offers freedom. Addiction will always keep you in bondage. By staying with the recovery process, you can get to know the real you. You can learn to love and appreciate who you truly are. This is a true blessing.

Make The Commitment That You Are Going To Stick To This Recovery Thing

While recovery may not be easy, it is worth it. YOU are worth it! You have the right to experience joy, peace, happiness, and personal fulfillment. Make the commitment that you are going to continue with your recovery even if you think it is hard.

It is true – everything in life is worth working for. However; if you stop approaching recovery like it is a difficult task that must be endured (and start looking at it like the best investment of time and energy you will ever make), the journey will be much more pleasant.

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