Need for a Christian Rehab

Addiction is a serious problem in the modern world. It not only destroys the life of the individual but also harms their family and society as a whole. There are some communities that have been completely ravished by drug and alcohol abuse. Those who are trapped in addiction will sometimes reach a point where they become ready for change. It is vital to seize such opportunities because they don’t tend to last forever – it is easy for the addict to slip back into denial and acceptance of their miserable life. In order to make the most of their willingness to quit the individual will need to avail themselves of the most appropriate resources. For some people this is going to be a Christian rehab.

Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Explained

A Christian drug and alcohol rehab is based on the idea that religious faith can be an important element when recovering from an addiction. These programs are usually based on the theory that addiction is a threefold disease with physical, mental, and spiritual components. The claim is that people can use their Christian faith to help them escape the misery of addiction. Once they are able to develop a spiritual connection with God it will give them the strength they need and move them forward into a new and fulfilling life.

What to Expect at a Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Christian rehabs will differ slightly in how they operate, but they will usually involve:

* Time devoted to prayer. This will give the individual a chance to reconnect to their creator.
* Christian meditation is also usually an important element in these treatment programs. The difference between prayer and meditation is that the former is about talking to God and the latter is about listening.
* There is usually some time devoted to bible study. The individual discovers that this text contains practical wisdom that will help them build a good life in recovery.
* Most of these rehabs will have regular church services as part of the program – this will often involve daily attendance.
* There will usually be one-to-one counseling where the individual can delve deeply into the reasons behind their addiction.
* Most Christian rehabs will also have group discussions where the clients share their experience, strength, and hope.
* Time is usually devoted to developing life skills and other educational pursuits.
* The clients in a Christian rehab develop a strong sense of fellowship. They are able to provide each other with support and friendship.
* There can be a strong emphasis on the 12 Steps and clients may be expected to attend these meeting both during rehab and when they go home.
* The individual is usually expected to admit that they have lost control of their substance abuse and their life. They are advised to turn to God for help and the power to overcome their addiction.

Good Reasons to Choose a Christian Rehab

There are some very good reasons for why people might choose a Christian rehab including:

* Those who develop a strong faith in the Christian message will find that this fills a void in their life and gives them strength. The spiritual path is far more rewarding than life as an addict.
* Those people who belong to a Christian family are likely to find that this brings them closer to their loved ones. Their shared faith means that they are all walking along the same path.
* Many other treatment options emphasize a more secular approach where mention of God is usually avoided. This means that those who have a Christian faith will be missing out on the most powerful tool available for their transformation.
* There are many spiritual paths available in the modern path, but it makes sense that people should choose the one that they are already familiar with.
* In a Christian rehab the emphasis is usually on the spiritual growth of the whole family and not just the individual.
* One of the biggest risks for people when they leave rehab is relapse. This is why a great time is usually devoted to understanding relapse and being aware of the most common relapse triggers.
* Most people who give up an addiction will be in poor physical health. There will usually be time in rehab devoted to teaching the individual health related topics so they can better take care of themselves in the future.
* One of the reasons why people struggle with achieving sobriety is they feel unable to overcome their cravings for alcohol and drugs. Those who develop a strong faith find that they can depend on a new power to help them deal with these cravings.
* There can be a common misconception that addicts are lacking in moral fiber, but this is hardly ever the case as the individual is usually full of guilt and shame about their actions. By embracing the Christian path the individual will never need to suffer from guilt or shame again.

Christian Rehab and the 12 Steps

The original 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are founded on Christian principles. The early members of this group were strongly influenced by an evangelical fellowship known as the Oxford Group. It was the key principles of this Christian brotherhood that is at the heart of the 12 steps including:

* Self examination
* Acknowledgement of character defects
* Restitution for harm done
* Helping other people

The founding members adapted these Christian principles and repackaged them so as to open the group to those of any particular faith. Most people will agree that this was a sensible move because it meant that more people could be helped. It also means that the core principles of the 12 Steps are already in the bible. There is a minority of 12 Step groups where the focus is strongly on the Christian message. It is also possible for people to benefit from groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous so long as they keep in mind that Jesus is their higher power. There will also be people who will use their church as their fellowship.

How to Choose a Christian Rehab

Those who live in the US will find that they have many options when it comes to Christian rehab. With so much choice it makes sense to weigh things carefully so as to select the path that will be most profitable. Some things to consider include:

* Each Christian rehab will tend to have their own way of doing things. It makes sense to investigate what each program has to offer before making a choice.
* Aftercare is extremely important to people who are trying to overcome an addiction because it can significantly reduce the risk of relapse. It is always a good idea to quiz any potential rehab about the emphasis they put on aftercare.
* There are now Christian rehabs in many urban and rural areas across the United States. If the individual is unable to find something suitable nearby it may be worth travelling for this type of treatment.
* These rehabs will offer different levels of comfort. People can be highly influenced by their surroundings, and there is no reason why people shouldn’t go through the rehab process in nice surroundings – a natural setting may actually encourage spiritual growth.
* One of the key elements of all rehabs is the willingness of the client to participate and change. Those who attend a Christian rehab but resist the program are unlikely to benefit from their attendance – the best rehab in the world cannot help a person who does not wish to change.