Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia is the longest servicing and most comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program in Asia for English speaking clients. Please see what therapies and activities are involved in your 28-day stay with us.

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Include:
* Daily Group Sessions
* One to One Counseling
* Relapse Awareness Groups
* Educational Workshops
* Stress Management
* Meditation Group Sessions
* Art Therapy Sessions
* Fitness Training Sessions
* Group Sports Sessions
* Group Water Sports Sessions
* Massages
* After Care Planning

Please see our sample timetable.

Additionally Included in Your Drug Addiction and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs:

* Pick up from the airport
* Overnight stay and full medical check up at Bangkok Hospital-Trat
* All meals
* Laundry service
* Luxury private accommodations
* Full use of all resort facilities
* Tea, coffee, juice, tea, etc.

What is Not Included in Your Addiction Treatment Program?
* Airfare or transportation to Bangkok
* Cigarettes, souvenirs, international phone calls
* Travel medical insurance
* Medical expenses and medications, with the exception of a basic medical examination and overnight stay at Bangkok Hospital-Trat (as stated in the section above)
* Medical detoxification: If detox is needed, you will detox at Bangkok Hospital-Trat. However, you will be responsible for the fees directly to the hospital if you need more than a 24-hour stay at the hospital.

For necessary non-treatment related medication, i.e., for blood pressure, asthma inhalers, for Thyroid disorder, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, etc., you should bring a large enough supply with you for your time in Thailand, since it is not always possible to get the exact same prescription in Thailand due to local availability of medications. Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia does not cover the cost of non-treatment related medication.

Not sure if your insurance covers alcohol treatment?

Check your insurance coverage or text us your questions for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my phone or computer?
Yes At Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia, we understand that people have other important matters to deal with. Not being able to keep in touch with your office and family could cause a considerable amount of stress. All we ask is that you turn mobile phones off during sessions and meal times. There is WiFi at the center; you are free to bring your laptop. There are computers in the lobby for your use as well.

Can I see my loved one off?
Yes If you would like to accompany your loved one to the center, that is fine. All clients, upon arriving in Trat, are transported to Bangkok Hospital – Trat for an overnight stay. If you wish to accompany your loved one to DARA rehab, you’ll need to make arrangements to stay at a hotel in Trat.

Can I bring an iPod and books?
Yes Feel free to bring anything like this that you like. We also have a small library, as well as a large music and movie collection.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, but only contingent upon permission from your lead counsellor. In general, we don’t encourage visitors to come during the programme. Additionally, if a visit is OKed by the client’s lead counsellor, visitors are limited to immediate family members. Please note: Visitors are not allowed to spend the night at the Centre. We do encourage your spouse or partner to meet you on the day you are departing, when possible, for a counselling session.

Is there a doctor on full time?
No However, we work with a number of doctors. There is a medical clinic for emergencies 2.4 km from the center, and Bangkok Hospital Group operates a hospital and ambulance service on the island. Many of our therapists also have first aid training.

What medications will I receive?
At DARA we do not provide any medication. We will, however, facilitate medication prescribed by your doctor and brought with you. If you are going to need medication for your treatment or are on other medications that you will need to continue taking you will need to bring a large enough supply for your time in Thailand. Please also be sure to have the medications in the original packaging with a prescription explaining dosage. We highly recommend that prior to coming to DARA you visit your local doctor or psychiatrist and explain what you are doing and have them prepare what he/she feels you will require. If you do not have the medication you require you might have to leave the program to see a specialist in Bangkok, this will be at your own expense.

What can’t I bring?
Illegal drugs or alcohol, aftershave and mouthwash containing alcohol, any medication that you don’t have a prescription for. Please bring medication, which you do have a prescription for, in sealed containers with the original prescription attached.