There is so much we now know about addiction and treatment these days that at times the question is no longer whether or not to choose addiction treatment; it is what type of addiction treatment is best for you. Treatment options used to come down to inpatient or outpatient. Now we can choose from a variety of specialized treatment programs. One option available today is what is called Holistic Addiction Treatment.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic as an idea basically means to treat the whole person—that the body, mind, and spirit are integrally linked. Rather than focusing on the physical or psychological aspects of addiction, holistic approaches seek to treat every aspect of life. These programs offer treatments which address the obvious issues such as withdrawal and emotional fallout from addiction, but they do this with an approach which many find to be more natural and less invasive. These programs seek to provide a program which unifies the body, mind, and spirit.

The Body

Since drug and alcohol abuse does have a tremendous impact on the body, holistic treatment programs focus on these effects with a combination of nutrition, yoga, and exercise classes. One of the central tenets of the holistic approach is that the body is healed best by employing natural techniques that re-focus the body toward more healthy practices. Nutrition heals from within, and exercise builds the strength to sustain a more healthy life. These treatment programs will build personalized menus which are designed to heal the bodies of addicted people.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

The Mind

The mind is the second part of the triad for holistic treatment. Emotional and psychological issues attend addiction on every level. These are often the things which fuel addiction in the first place, and they are also the result of addiction. Holistic approaches treat these issues along with the physical treatments. The holistic approach sees these things as inter-dependent. Everything from individual counseling, to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to guided meditation are put in place as part of the holistic approach to the mind.

The Spirit

Finally, the holistic approach address the spirit. Again, this is not a separate aspect of well-being, but, rather, another feature of the comprehensive approach. Crucial to this is an openness to all forms of spiritual belief. There is no single spiritual belief that is central to holistic treatment. Clients are encouraged to bring their own beliefs to treatment and explore new ideas of spirituality.

Yoga and meditation are generally central to this facet of holistic treatment since these practices facilitate spiritual healing in drug and alcohol treatment. Spirituality in the holistic program is primarily focused on inner growth toward a better appreciation of the world around and us and self-acceptance from within.

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