Binge-Drinking-Its-Not-What-You-ThinkBinge drinking. Images of raiding the liquor cabinet while the parents are away, teens passed out in frat or dorm hallways, and kids sneaking beers at a football game fill the mind. But would it surprise you to know that the age group most likely to die from binge drinking is people 35-64 years old? In fact, three out of every four alcohol poisoning deaths are in this age group and 76 percent of them are men. Yet, when you think of binge drinking, the responsible working man is not usually the image that comes to mind.

Perhaps it’s time to change that perception as 4.5 out of a total 6 alcohol poisoning deaths a day are working men earning over $70,000. It makes sense that someone with resources, wealth, and power could fly under the radar keeping their drinking problem a secret from their neighbors, employer or even their family. And it’s easier for that working man to rationalize that last bender when he’s sitting in his office with keys to a luxury car and a house in the suburbs in his pocket. Maybe that’s why societal perceptions are so skewed. When someone has all the outer markings of success, it’s harder to imagine them downing a few tumblers of scotch on a regular basis.

But make no mistake, the consequences of those benders come crashing down at some point. Just as certainly as the teen who gets caught, bottle in hand, when the parents get home, the result of alcoholic drinking will catch up to the working man as well. When you’ve acquired many outer markings of success, you have way more to lose. A price will be paid, no matter your age or position in life. And when you’ve gained a position in life, it’s much harder to admit to yourself and others that alcohol is the problem. Admitting the problem is the key that opens the door to freedom.

If alcoholism or addiction has touched your life, it is a real pain that runs deep. We can help. Whether it be the teen or the unsuspecting father of that teen, help is just a phone call away. Real solutions are available. Call today.

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